Book Club

Enjoy time with friends discovering new reads!

Joining a book club is a fantastic way to get to know people better over a shared love of reading.

To start, get together a group of between 6 and 11 people. You need to nominate a group leader and pay the $400 per year club membership.

You can also enquire at your local branch about joining an existing group.

The library provides 10-11 copies of one title, plus background notes and discussion questions. Clubs meet from February to November, reading ten titles over the year.

Check out the fantastic new book club kits we have added for 2024!

Why join?

  • Meet with people who have a shared interest in reading
  • Widen your reading choices by discovering new authors – both fiction and non-fiction
  • Hear different opinions and broaden your life experience
  • Learn more about what you didn’t understand in the story
  • Improve your critical thinking skills and learn what you like and don’t like to read
  • Explore all available kits on Goodreads