Baby Bounce

What is Baby Bounce?

Baby Bounce is an early literacy program designed to encourage carers of babies to enjoy learning together.

Through songs, rhymes, and books we will help you to introduce your child to the rhythm and rhyme of language and, as research has proven, create a solid foundation for the development of your child’s language skills and their ability to learn to read.

You are welcome to join Baby Bounce at any participating library.

How do I find a Baby Bounce event?

  • Contact a library near you to see if they are running Baby Bounce
  • Visit What’s On for to view current and upcoming library events
  • Like your local library branch on Facebook for all your library event updates so you don’t miss the next Baby Bounce event
  • Find a quiet moment, away from distractions where we can share a book.
  • Try to read to me at the same time each day so that it becomes part of our routine.
  • Stories can happen at anytime, anywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Keep it brief and let my interest guide you.
  • Hold the book close so I can feel it.
  • Find opportunities for me to see your facial expressions.
  • Turn the pages slowly and let me try too.
  • Tell me what’s going on in the pictures.
  • Change the story to make it about me and my world.
  • Try different voices and make animal noises.
  • Put the books on a low shelf or in a basket so I can reach them easily.
  • Read it again! I love lots of repetition.
  • Did you know I could hear before I was born? I can recognise your voice and even your heart beat.
  • Try singing, tickling, clapping, stamping and dancing to make books more fun.
  • I love to hear a variety of music.
  • You don’t need to be a virtuoso; your voice is my favourite music.
  • I want you to sing your favourite songs and we can share the fun of music together.
  • When we read together ask me questions and then answer them yourself eg. “what’s in that little egg?” or “Oh, it’s a tiny little caterpillar”.
  • I love to hear the sound of your voice when you talk to me and point out all the interesting things in the world around us.
  • I can talk back too. My smiles and baby coos show how much I enjoy our talking time together.
  • Poems, rhymes and songs will grab my attention.
  • Play with nursery rhymes, poems, tongue twisters and words galore to expand my vocabulary.
  • Talk in the language you know best.
  • Talking and listening to me in a comfortable environment expands my vocabulary and gives me confidence to try new words when we go out.
  • When we read let me set the pace.
  • I use different sounds and facial expressions to talk to you. Listen to me and respond in a loving way. When you respond I know you understand and value me.
  • Smile for me when I’m ready to play.
  • Change activities when I look away.
  • Talk to me when I smile at you.
  • Talk to me, even though I can’t understand you yet. Have conversations throughout the day during our daily routines.
  • When you talk, use words to tell me the names of objects. Point to them and describe what is happening. By talking, we explore the world together.
  • Take turns with me when we talk. Give me opportunities to talk back to you.
  • I will initiate conversations soon so talk and ask questions about what interests me.
  • Instead of trying to draw our conversation to new topics, try and extend conversation about the topics I choose.