Book Club

“We have fun and always talk – even about the book sometimes” – Collins Book Club

Form a group of up to ten individuals and nominate a group leader, pay the $400 club membership, find a venue and you can begin your own book club.

The library provides ten copies of one title plus background notes and discussion questions. Clubs meet from February to November reading ten titles over the year.

  • Registration

    Download the registration form for your club. You will need to fill out a form each year you would like to join Book Club

  • Policy

    Find out what the membership entitlements and responsibilities are.

  • Book List

    Download a list of Book Club titles. There are over 250 titles to select from.

Why join?

  • Meet with people who have a shared interest in reading.
  • Discover new and varied authors and their books – we include both fiction and true stories in our kits. Explore all available kits on Pinterest or Goodreads.
  • Sharing opinions and hearing counter ones.
  • Learn more about what you didn’t understand or just plain missed in the story.

Library members between the ages of 15-18 can join the Youth Book Club program.