Up For The Challenge! School Holiday Activities

Unfortunately we cannot deliver our usual school holiday activities at your library. Instead, each day of the school holidays we will be challenging kids to a craft or activity that they can complete at home. So, are you up for the challenge?

Check back here every day or on your library’s Facebook page to get your new challenge. It all begins on Friday 10 April.

Challenge 1 – Happy Easter! You might like to make these cute little bunnies, using your hand print.

Challenge 2Paint some pasta (make sure you have enough to spare!) and then create jewellery, or any shapes, with it.

Challenge 3 – Make a pom pom bunny! You can also find bunny books on BorrowBox. Download and read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, and Mutant Bunny Island. Can you find any bunny books at your house?

Challenge 4 – The Easter eggs haven’t ALL been eaten, have they? Make a basket to keep them in, to make them last. 31 to choose from, with different resource and skill levels!

Challenge 5 – Explore Harry Potter at Home. Learn to draw, do quizzes and wordsearches, make your own Ravenclaw shoelaces! If you haven’t been sorted in your house, you can do that, too. Find the Harry Potter eBooks, and eAudiobooks on BorrowBox.

Challenge 6 – Read the story, watch a video, do the activity! Some great, free, resources from Scholastic, for pre-school, primary, and up to Year 9 kids.

Challenge 7 – Finish these comics, and learn to draw your own!

Challenge 8 – Make a marble run from paper towel, or toilet rolls. Reading suggestions – download some Judy Moody, or Skulduggery Pleasant from BorrowBox.

Challenge 9 – For fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants! Read, learn, create, and watch with Dav Pilkey.

Challenge 10Newspaper print nails! Experiment with your favourite books and comics or pictures from magazines. Suggested eaudio book for 5yrs+ News for Dogs Lois Duncan. Suggested eaudio book for 15yrs+ Don’t Read the Comments by Eric Smith.

Challenge 11 – Try a drawing challenge for kids. Share your drawings with us to cheer us all up!

Challenge 12 – Kitchen science! Make slime and fizzy bombs, naked eggs and crystals, glow in the dark messages and more…
Suggested Ebook for 8yrs+ The Taylor Turbochaser by David Baddiel · Amy loves cars, and dreams of being a driver. But there’s a major catch: her slow old wheelchair with its broken wheel. When Amy finally gets a new electric one, it’s exciting… at first. But standard engines only have so much power. And that’s where Rahul comes in – Amy’s best friend and genius inventor. Soon Rahul turns a wheelchair into… a supercar!

Challenge 13 – Weave cute, baby turtles!
Go on a wildlife adventure with Bindi Irwin – her series of books are available as audiobooks, download and listen to them through BorrowBox

Challenge 14 – Butterfly origami!
Reading suggestion – The Butterfly Club by Jacqueline Wilson
Tina is a triplet, but she’s always been the odd one out. Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and better at just about everything. Luckily, they look after teeny-tiny Tina wherever they go – but when the girls start in scary, super-strict Miss Lovejoy’s class, they’re split up, and Tina has to fend for herself for the first time.
Tina is horrified when she’s paired up with angry bully Selma, who nobody wants to be friends with. But when Miss Lovejoy asks them to help her create a butterfly garden in the school playground, Tina discovers she doesn’t always need her sisters – and that there’s a lot more to Selma than first meets the eye.

Challenge 15 – Play a board game, or make your own!

Bonus ANZAC Day challenge! Make a remembrance lantern. Cut out poppy shapes from red paper, colour their centres black, and glue inside a jar, add a candle; it’s super easy.

Challenge 16 – Sugar nails! Suggested ebook for ages 13+ The Prom by Saundra Mitchell – The novel of the laugh-out-loud high school musical coming to Netflix in 2020, starring Meryl Streep, James Corden and Nicole Kidman

Challenge 17 – Create your own bookmark – lots to choose from!

That’s the last challenge – we hope you had fun participating.

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