Storytime with Sharon

Sharon, Children and Youth Services Librarian for Riverina Regional Library has created storytime videos. Each day you can share with your child a selection of books, songs, craft, activities and challenges. Set some time aside with your child to enjoy their world, to play and immerse yourself in the joy of words.

There are thirty-two awesome videos for you to explore on our YouTube channel, just like the ones below.

What noise does a giraffe make? by Craig MacLean inspired by his daughter Molly. Published by HarperCollinsPublishers Australia Pty Limited 2017. Songs include If you’re happy and you know it and a tickling fingerplay rhyme called Round and round the garden. Our activity today is making animals with building blocks.

Fly is in a bad mood in Bye-bye grumpy fly by Ruth Paul; published by Scholastic Australia 2015. Let’s follow a slimy trail in Slow snail by Mary Murphy; published by Candlewick Press 2012. Sharon has a slow and quick rhyme for you called Slowly slowly goes the garden snail and then she shows you a butterfly from her garden.

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