Ordinary heroines


This is not a story of war, it is a story of courage. Courage of the people who had to endure, not just the hardship of lack of food and deprivation of everyday comforts, but loss of loved ones. The tenacity of the women in England who held it all together for their loved ones is evident as they struggle to support the men going to fight for their very survival.

Dolly was a young girl at the end of WW1, and she thought she would never experience another in her lifetime. She was wrong. England had not recovered from the devastation and losses of the so-called “war to end all wars” when Hitler unleashed his hatred on the world.

Dolly is a young woman when she returns from India with her husband, Pierre; and her son, Richard. Dolly watches helplessly as those she loves become caught up in the mayhem. The joy of being reunited with her loved ones soon turns into the anguish of knowing that she cannot keep them safe.

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