Membership Update

Note: Please see full Conditions of Membership, Code of Conduct, and Public Access Internet and General Computer Use Guidelines here.

From 1 July 2020, branches of the Riverina Regional Library will no longer be charging overdue fines for books, DVDs or any other items returned late, no matter how overdue they are.


Overdue fines can be a real problem for people in our community and sometimes discourage people from using the library. So, we are joining the growing number of libraries across Australia that are removing overdue fines to help encourage people to come into our libraries, borrow materials, use the computers or simply have a safe, open and welcoming space to visit.

If you have an overdue library item sitting at home and you have been anxious about returning it, you can bring it back after 1 July without the fear of fines.

Please note that charges will still apply to lost and damaged library items. If you have lost a library item due to circumstances beyond your control, you can talk with our friendly library staff to see how they can help. Library borrowers with existing overdue fines can also re-start with a clean slate as all existing fines will be deleted from their records.

Fine Free FAQs

What items does this affect?
All items that the library lends to members, including books, DVDs and equipment.

I was charged for a lost book. Do I still have to pay?
Yes. Fine free applies to overdue fines only. Charges for lost and damaged items remain in place.

Will there still be due dates?
Yes. The library still has a time limit on borrowed materials. Be respectful of other library members who may be waiting for items to be returned.

What can you do to help me keep track of due dates?
We send courtesy notifications by email. If we have your email address, we will email you a reminder before items are due.

Does this mean I can keep items for as long as I like?
No. Members are still expected to return items by the due date.
Notifications will still be sent out (see schedule below).
Your library membership will be temporarily suspended when items become overdue.

Courtesy notice:  3 days before the due date (sent by email)
1st notice: 15 days overdue (sent by SMS, email or letter)
2nd notice: 29 days overdue (sent by letter)
Lost item notification of charges: 43 days overdue (sent by letter)

What should I do with very overdue items I still have?
Please bring them back! Even if you have an item years overdue, return it and you can use the library again with no overdue fines.

What happens to overdue fines I have already accrued?
We are clearing all late fines owed as of July 1, 2020. We hope you will come and use the library again if you owed late fines in the past! You may still owe other library fees, which include charges for lost or damaged items or reserved items.