Find Your Next Great Read

Tips on how to select your next great read

+ Watch book trailers (videos)

Try different themes

Branch out a little and explore different themes. You might be pleasantly surprised and will add another author to your favourites.

Try some of these

– Science fiction eg The Animorphs series by K. A Applegate

– Scary eg The composer is dead by Lemony Snicket

– Love stories eg Red dirt diary series by Katrina Nannestad

– Fantasy eg The Books of beginning series by John Stephens

– Funny eg The treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

– Fact eg 50 nasty projects to disgust your friends & repulse your family by Sloppy Joe Rhatigan & Revoltin’ Rain Newcomb

Is the latest cartoon or movie a book?

First it was a book!

  • Lemony Snickett’s A series of unfortunate events is also a series of books
  • Tangled is about Rapunzel written by The Brothers Grimm
  • Bridge to Terabithia is also a book by Katherine Paterson
  • Try Holes by Louis Sacher


Try browsing

Try some of these online tools

Ask your favourite author what they are reading

  • If you like books by Andy Griffiths he tells us what his favourite books are here

Try something different

  • You  might like to LISTEN to a book so why not try our free online audio books? Browse the collection and if you would like to borrow something have your library card ready.
  • Try Story Box where you can watch and listen as people you know read your favourite books just for you!
  • Try graphic novels. Libraries have some great ones.
  • Read online. Visit Poptropica Comics, Galactic Hot Dogs or FunBrain

I like to read the award winners

The books you will find on these lists are chosen by people who love to read; they could be chosen by kids just like you.