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Help for borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks through Bolinda Digital and BorrowBox (app)

What is BorrowBox?

BorrowBox is an app that is available for mobile devices. It allows you to search RRL’s collection of Bolinda titles and then borrow and read/listen to them.

It is available free from:app storegoogle playkindle fire

Compatible devices for eBook and eAudio

The BorrowBox app is the easiest way to search, borrow and download both eBook and eAudio titles via the library. eAudio files are also able to be downloaded and transferred to a MP3 player or thumbdrive via a PC or laptop. eBooks are able to be downloaded on the PC or laptop and transferred to an eReader that opens ePub files or an app that reads ePub files such as Bluefire for android or Bluefire for iOS. Please check that the device you are purchasing is compatible with the eLibrary products.

The app is free from:app storegoogle playkindle fire

Returning eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions and in Bolinda

Click here to find out how to return eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions and within Bolinda so that you can borrow more!

eBook not available through the catalogue link?

For added discovery, RRL include eBook titles on the WebOpac (the online catalogue).You may be aware that some eBook publishers have restrictions around the loaning of eBooks through libraries.

Sometimes it is not possible for stafff to have removed the eBook from the catalogue before it has expired meaning that a link to the eBook may not work. Below is an example of an eBook which is still on the catalogue but no longer available due to the restrictions described above. The library apologises for any inconvenience.

Reap the harvest expired content example

How many items can I borrow?

You may have up to 6 eBooks on loan or reserve AND 6 eAudiobooks on loan or reserve every 3 weeks.

How to download eAudio onto a device via a PC

Click here for the Bolinda eAudio guide.

BorrowBox not syncing

The BorrowBox app is native to each device. This means that the eBook or eAudio will not sync across multiple devices.

Can I return items early?

Yes. Members are able to return items early and cancel reservations if they wish – this is done via the account area of Bolinda BorrowBox.

BorrowBox not working?

Please ensure that your device has the most up-to-date version of the app and that your device has the most up to date operating system. Also, please ensure you are using a capital R in your member number and DDMMYYYY for your password – no slashes, full stops etc. (Please note that the R is followed by 6 numbers)

This is especially important in older devices as the compatibility of BorrowBox is tailored to the latest version of iOS or Android – go to your device website for more information on updating the operating system.

After ensuring the operating system is up-to-date, please use the following links to update the BorrowBox app (you will need to ensure both your operating system and app are the latest versions)

google playapp storekindle fire

Both Apple and Samsung provide device tutorials which may assist in updating the operating system which is recommended when using the BorrowBox and Freegal Apps

Can I read my eBook or listen to my eAudio offline using the app?

You will need to download your eBook  or eAudio via wifi (recommended) or on mobile/cellular data (this does use your allocated data). Once the download has started skip chapters or slide the placeholder to the end of the eBook or eAudio – you should now be able to read offline. For eAudio please select download all.

Will I lose my eBooks or eAudio if I reset the app?

Sometimes digital apps may need to be reset or even deleted and reloaded. If this happens it is safe to reset or delete the BorrowBox app. You won’t lose your loaned items – you will however have to re-download the eBook or eAudio to your device.

BorrowBox Help

Go to the Help Page for questions about BorrowBox, eAudio and eBook from Bolinda. Bolinda Digital also provide a support page for digital lending.

I am stuck on one page in my Bolinda eBook on my iPad

This issue occurs when the latest version of the app is installed but there is an older version of iOS on the iPad or android operating system for devices other than Apple. Upate your operating system and reset your BorrowBox app.

Unable to upgrade operating sytem or BorrowBox

For devices that are unable to be updated, members can borrow directly from the website using the links provided on the eLibrary page.

You will be required to type in your library member number and password (your date of birth expressed as DDMMYYYY).

If you are using a tablet, you will need to have installed a reader such as Bluefire Reader (free through App Store and Google Play).

When you borrow, you will be prompted as to how you want to read the book – this will be a link back to a reader such as Bluefire for Apple from the App Store

Authentication Failed - your PIN/Passoword is your date of birth expressed as DDMMYYYY or your library account is blocked

Members will be blocked if they have attempted to log in 3 times with an incorrect PIN/Password – you will need to contact your Branch Library to have this block removed. Your PIN/Password is your date of birth expressed as DDMMYYYY (no spaces, no dashes, no full stops).

This may also be due to an outdated operating system – please ensure that your device’s operating system is up-to-date and that you have downloaded the latest edition of the BorrowBox App.

Your account will not be accessible if you have recently changed your member number at the library eg you have lost your library member card – please speak to staff at your Branch Library for advice.

Please see below in General for help with Apple and Samsung product operating systems.

eBooks and eAudio for Windows Surface

For now, members can use the BorrowBox website and transfer eBooks and eAudiobooks to a phone/tablet/reader from there using “download for eReader (Adobe ePub)”.

Adobe Digital Editions is compatible with Windows 8 therefore books can be opened directly with ADE on these devices.

For eAudio files the same applies, where the files can be dragged across to a device and then listened to with whatever media player is installed on the device, generally Google play.

Help for borrowing eAudiobooks through Ulverscroft

How many eAudio can I borrow from Ulverscroft?

Members are able to loan 6 items for a 3 week loan period. 4 reservations are available at any time – reservations operate independently and the number of reserves does not affect the number of loans.

Can I return items early in Ulverscroft?

Loaned items can only be returned after a 24 hour period from the time of borrowing.

Ulverscroft FAQ

  • What is the ePlatform service?
    This service is purchased by your library to provide digital content free of charge to its library users. It is available via the Web or via an app.
  • How do I log on to the web ePlatform?
    Browse the web address (url) provided by your library. This will be in the https://libraryname.ulverscroftdigital.com
    You can browse the titles without logging on. You must logon to BORROW a book and accept our TERMS OF USE. This is a requirement of the copyright owner of that title.
    – Enter your library barcode number
    – Enter your PIN number provided by your library
  • How do I download an eAudio title on the web platform?
    When you click on a title detail button you will see a BORROW button if the title is available to download. Click on BORROW and accept TERMS OF USE. You have the choice of downloading zipped MP3 or M4b files. In general terms if you use a PC and Windows Media Player select the zipped MP3 option. Select M4b if you use a Mac or iTunes on a PC.
  • Why are files zipped?
    Our audio books are unabridged and the files are very large. The audio file is split into parts, which helps when using slower internet connections. In addition, MP3 files are zipped. ‘Zipping’ is an industry standard method of compressing files. This also makes the downloadable files smaller which helps when using slower internet connections. M4b files are already compressed so do not require zipping.
  • Where do the download files go on the web platform?
    The download files are normally saved by default in the download folder on your PC or MAC. You can change the location for download files in your internet browser settings. For good housekeeping we recommend creating a folder for each title and copying the downloaded file from the download folder to the new folder you created.
  • How do I unzip an eAudio title on a PC?
    Locate the zip file in the download folder, or the new title folder if you have created one. Right click and EXTRACT ALL. Follow the prompts to complete unzipping.
  • How do I unzip an eAudio title on a Mac?
    If you locate the M4b files you will not have to unzip them. If you select MP3 files, locate the zip file in the download folder, or the new title folder if you have created one, and double click. The file will then automatically unzip. If you use the latest Safari internet browser on a Mac the file will automatically unzip as soon as the download is complete. On the latest versions of iTunes the title will then automatically appear in iTunes and start playing.
  • How do I change the loan period?
    You cannot change the loan period. This is set by your library.
  • Can I return a title early?
    You can return a title before the end of the loan period if your library permits it. When permitted, the RETURN button will appear the day after you borrow the title. If you return a title it will increase your loans available by one.
  • Can I cancel a title I have on reserve?
    Yes. You will see a CANCEL button on the title detail page.
  • Can I renew or extend the loan period?
    You can extend the loan period if your library permits it. When permitted the EXTEND button will appear six days before the loan expires and then only if no other users have placed a hold or reserve on the title.
  • How do I find out what I have on loan?
    Go to the MY ACCOUNT page. Here you will see a section for titles you have on loan, a section for titles you have on reserve, and a section for titles you have previously downloaded. You will also see relevant date information for that title.
  • How do I borrow a title?
    Click or tap on the cover image or DETAILS button. This will take you to a page with the available options shown.
  • Why can’t I see the borrow button?
    The BORROW button is only displayed if you have not reached your maximum number of loans available and if the book is not already on loan to another user.
  • Why can’t I see the reserve button?
    The RESERVE button is only displayed in one of two situations:
    1) You have reached the maximum number of loans permitted;
    2) You try to borrow a title that is already on loan to another user.
  • Do I have to enter my email address?
  • Why should I give my email address?
    Supplying your email address allows you to operate your account more efficiently. It allows Ulverscroft Digital to send automatic email notifications direct to you when:
    1) Your loan period is about to expire;
    2) A title you have on reserve becomes available;
    3) You receive a reminder if you have borrowed a title but not yet downloaded it; 4) You will receive information on new titles from us if you have opted-in for this; 5) You will receive notifications from us about any planned maintenance.
  • Can I change or delete my email address?
    Yes. You do this on the MY ACCOUNT / ACCOUNT DETAILS page.
  • Can I copy my downloaded titles and give to my friends?
    No. All titles provided in this service are protected by Copyright Law. Our titles use nonintrusive security technology to help us track any infringement of Copyright Law. Please see our Copyright Information document for more information. This is available on our LEGALS page.
  • Can I use this service with any browser?
    We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. We do not keep our software updated for use with older browser versions.

Video tutorials

Short videos to help you get started with uLibrary on the web and the app.

RB Digital eMagazines

How to create an account for RB Digital eMagazines

Click here to find how to create a RBdigital account for online magazines and how to gain access to the RBdigital app. Please note: you must log into the RBdigital website before being able to log into the app.

Select Australia and the South-West Zone to set up your account.

Go to the Library Apps page to download the RBdigital app and other library apps.

RB Digital eMagazines FAQs

Quick reference guide

 How do I sign up for digital magazines?
  • You will need to be a library member – join our library
  • Visit our library website and go to our eLibrary page and click on the RB Digital eMagazine link
  • Click Create New Account and enter your library card number if requested
  • Enter your details and click Create Account
  • RBdigital account setup – instructions on how to create a RB Digital account on your PC
  • Check out the Quick Start Guide

General help

What is my username and password?

Most online products require you to enter your username and password.

Your username is your card number and your password is your date of birth expressed as DDMMYYYY – below is an example



(the password above denotes someone with a birth date 7 April 1956)

Please contact your local library if after entering your password (date of birth) you are unable to gain access.

Adobe Digital Editions issue with eBooks

Some members have reported issues with Adobe Digital Editions and not being able to locate borrowed eBooks. This is an Adobe Digital Edition issue which can be fixed by using the device reader software instead of Adobe Digital Editions eg Sony Reader for PC software

I don't have an email account, how can I get one?

This video explains how to get an email account through Google services.


How can I find out if my favourite book is available as an eBook or eAudiobook?

The easiest way to find out if your favourite author or title is available as an eBook or eAudiobook go to  the eBook and eAudio page and search each of the platforms for author or title.

When you find the item you want, click on the access link to borrow and download the title.

EBSCO Databases, eBooks and Choice magazine on Flipster

All online information databases are found on the Information Online Page. EBSCO database services have their own youtube channel where you can view tutorials on searching databases etc.

EBSCO eBooks have a loan period from 1 – 21 days which is set by the member. Please note: EBSCO eBooks are able to be read online without an EBSCO ID/Account but you will need to create an EBSCO ID if you wish to download and read EBSCO eBooks offline.

Please select on of the following tutorials:

Download the EBSCO eBooks app to read on your smart device

Download the BlueFire app to read EBSCO eBooks on your smart device

Checking out and downloading EBSCO eBooks

How to create and manage your EBSCO folder

Saving Notes on EBSCO eBooks

How to install Adobe Digital Editions

Transferring eBooks to a portable device

How to print or save EBSCO eBook pages as a PDF

Searching for an eBook

Choice magazine online: Please note that you will need to have an EBSCO account to utilise the app outside the library wifi/PCs. Access without an EBSCO account is available by using the link on the RRL eMagazines page.

Need help updating your operating system?

Both Apple and Samsung provide device tutorials which may assist in updating the operating system which is recommended when using the BorrowBox and Freegal Apps

Access State Library of NSW Resources - log in with your library card!

The State Library of NSW provides online membership. Membership is free providing access to eBooks, eJournals and much more. advise Riverina Regional Library members can now access the State Library NSW eResources (remote access items) using their RRL member card. The remote access items include databases, journals, newspapers, family history as well as eBooks (EBL). There is a legend which advises of access conditions.

I can't find what I am looking for on the website?

“Search our website” if you can’t find what you are looking for – this search is located at the top right of the screen.

search our site

How do I clear the cache or history from my browser?

Sometimes it is necessary to clear the cache or history of your internet browser. In most cases, holding down Ctrl + Shift + Delete is sufficient to delete old data. About Technology provides further information about clearing the cache on different browsers. Cllick here for instructions for Safari browsers.

clear cache

Staying safe online

Go to the library’s Cybersafety page for resources related to online safety.


Adult material

The library advises that some material held within the eLibrary is explicitly adult. Parents or guardians of children should monitor their child’s use of the internet and eLibrary products.

13 steps to declutter your computer or device

Running out of storage? Check out these tips to help de-clutter your digital space.


Help with Good Reading eMagazines

Help with Good Reading and Spine Out eMagazines

Get online help with Telstra Everyone Connected Help and Tutorials

The internet - An introduction to the web - Telstra Everyone Connected

Telstra provide detailed tutorials explaining the internet – please click here to access this online tutorial