eLibrary Taster – War

A selection of items that you can access from all our eLibrary. No matter whether you like to watch, listen or read you should find something from ancient battles to the World Wars and modern warfare. All available via our eLibrary page

A pilot replacement for 633 Squadron named Chalmont puzzles Frank Adams, the station’s intelligence officer. Why should a sensitive young poet volunteer to join a squadron with a warlike reputation? Chalmont is teamed up with Richards and both show high skill and courage but when ordered on a mission which may involve the death of many civilians both pilots refuse to take part. Now they must face court-martial. eAudiobook available in ULibrary

AD 9. Fifteen thousand battle-hardened Roman legionaries strike deep into dense forest. Awaiting them are deadly, hostile Germanic tribes. In a clearing they find twelve massacred and strung-up legionaries. Is this a threat, or a warning? eBook available on BorrowBox

By the end of the Great War, forty-five Australian and New Zealand nurses had died on overseas service and over two hundred had been decorated. eBook and eAudiobook available in BorrowBox

It is 530 BC and Cyrus the Great has carved out the largest Empire the world had ever seen, making Persia the undisputed superpower of the ancient world. But there is treachery afoot, and Cyrus’s life is in danger. eBook available in indyreads

It’s hard to imagine this story as being part of our past, but in 1942, an 11-year-old Australian boy, Richard Manson, and his parents either side of him, were shot by the Japanese for suspected spying in Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. Acclaimed 4th Estate author and award-winning science journalist Ian Townsend has uncovered a fascinating story of WWII, little known to most Australians. eBook and eAudiobook on BorrowBox

The story of Australia’s most decorated soldier of the Vietnam War. eBook available in indyreads

On the brink of the 2007 U.S. troop surge, two Army Recruiters face the daunting pressures of recruitment while their own deployment is on the line. Stream movie on Kanopy

Set against the war-torn landscape of a shattered Iraq, The Girl in Green is an adventure story told with wit, humanity and insight. eBook and eAudiobook available on BorrowBox

On a frozen January evening in 1944, Nancy Levin, and her three-year-old daughter, Emily, flee their impoverished East London home as an air raid siren sounds. eBook available on BorrowBox

It is autumn 1939 and Britain is at war. Jet is taken to military kennels and given a number: D67. She is trained to run assault courses, track the enemy and rescue the injured. Then she is sent to France on active service. eAudiobook on BorrowBox

A 1987 Australian war film about the men of a World War I light horse unit involved in Sinai and Palestine Campaign’s 1917 Battle of Beersheeba. Stream via Kanopy

July 1, 1690 On the banks of the River Boyne, on a fateful, scorching hot day, two armies clash in bloody battle – Protestant against Catholic – in an epic struggle for mastery of Ireland. eAudiobook available on BorrowBox

Every boy dreams of flying, but in war that dream can turn into a nightmare. eBook available on BorrowBox

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