Junior Book Clubs

Get your friends together and lead a book club!

You can run your Book Club any way you like, but if you would like a little help we have come up with some ideas for you. We have also put all these great ideas into a FREE RRL Junior Book Club Guide (one per Book Club) that you can pick up from your local library OR print the same information here.

If you pick up a guide from the library, have a chat with library staff about the best Book List for your group and they will print it for you.

As a leader

Here is your to-do list :

  • Gather a group of friends together. We suggest a group of 6 or less is best. These Junior Book Club Invitations can be printed and used to invite your friends to join you
  • Ask them how many times they would like to meet. Once a month is good.
  • decide where you would like to meet and how long the meeting will go for (30-60 minutes recommended)
  • give yourselves a name. This is fun! Be creative
  • choose a list of books from the Book Lists (or choose your own)
  • print these RRL Junior Book Club Book Marks (optional). Swap these at each meeting so each person has a role at your book club discussion
  • ask each person in your group to keep a logbook where they can jot down notes. This is just in case they have to get the book back to the library
  • you can pop in to one of our libraries at any time to have a chat about the RRL Junior Book Club, send us an email or call.

Choose your books

Your Book Lists are colour coded. Choose a list that best suits your group. Lists can change from time to time as new books come out. We do not guarantee that all books will be available in our libraries but you can choose a different book if you like.

Each member of your group is responsible for finding their own book. There are several ways they can get the book :

  • borrow it from the library
  • download an ebook or eaudio book from the library’s website
  • listen to it on Storybox
  • buy it from a book store or online

Choose one list and use this all year. Your Book Club might like to

  • all read the same title and move down the list each month
  • each choose a different title and try a new one each month

Each year you can choose another list in your colour or move on to another a colour!

We have great lists for groups of boys, for groups of girls and lists that are great for groups with both boys and girls. We also have suggestions for themes.

If you would like to recommend a book for our list, or to put on our website, send us a message.

When your Book Club meets

At your first meeting talk about how to run your Book Club

  • where you will meet, what time you will meet and how long a meeting will go for
  • which book you will read
  • whether you want food and drink (we suggest everyone brings a drink for themselves and something small to share)
  • hand out the RRL Junior Book Club Book Marks (optional).

Each time you get together the Leader gets everyone comfortable and ready to start. The leader needs to make sure that enough time is given to each member and noone is left out of the conversation. If your group is using the Bookmarks the Leader follows this order : 

  1. Leader
  2. Question
  3. Illustrator
  4. Characters
  5. Word Hunter
  6. Author
  7. Book swap
  8. Role swap

Bookmarks (optional)

RRL Junior Book Club Bookmarks

Print these double-sided or collect a FREE RRL Junior Book Club Guide from your local library

Use BOOKMARKS to give each person a role for your Book Club meeting. Make sure you hand them out before the meeting so everyone has time to follow the instructions for your next meeting.

There are 8 roles.

This is the order that would work well at a Book Club discussion :

1. Leader – this person controls the meeting and makes sure each person gets a turn. If not all the BOOKMARKS are used the Leader can leave them out or take on these roles as well or can give other members an extra role.

2. Question – this person comes up with just one question to ask the group eg What is your book about? or Where is your story set?  or What year is your story from?

3. Illustrator- A lot of money is put into creating book covers to attract your attention. This person can ask everyone to vote on their favourite cover from the books read for the meeting or talk about the cover of their own book

4. Characters – this person might ask Who was the nastiest character in your book? or Did you like your main character? Useful worksheet to print.

5. Word Hunter – this person finds an unusual word in their own book, provides several definitions and asks everyone to guess which one is right

6. Author – this person talks about their author and asks everyone how they think their own author was influenced to write their book. Useful worksheet to print.

7. Book swap – this person asks everyone which book they are going to read next from the list

8. BOOKMARKS – this person collects all the bookmarks, shuffles them and hands them out again for the next meeting.